Build Backlinks with Infographics
                                     Build Backlinks with Infographics

Infographics? What the hell is that?

Yes, these were the first words that evolved from my tongue when I heard about it for the first time.

I came up with a blog which was good looking and had lots of awesome articles in it. Though I had completed almost all the SEO formalities, still my blog failed to get on the front page of Google as I had no quality backlinks.

After doing lots of study and research, I found that my blog was missing a straightforward thing which could get me lots of quality backlinks and along with it lots of referral traffic. The thing I missed was Infographics.

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In this article you are going to learn :-

1) what are Infographics?
2) How to generate quality backlinks through infographics?
3) How can info graphics provide referral traffic to your website?
4) How to create infographics?

Now let us look at the answers to above questions one by one.

1) What are Infographics?
Infographics are the images which contain information in them. A long article can be summarized in a picture through the knowledge of infographics. They allow you to display information in a way that is easy to understand and is highly shareable.

2) How to generate quality backlinks through infographics?
Just publishing an infographic in your website is not going to work unless you have a site which is already popular. You need to start doing promotions. There are various ways to promote your infographics. Start submitting in forums, web directories, info graphics sharing sites, photo sharing sites, etc.

As you do enough promotions of your content, your infographic may catch the eye of the bloggers of the same niche. If the bloggers find your infographic worth of a mention in their blog, then they might put a link of that on their blog. Hence backlinks are generated.

You can also reach directly to the bloggers through email. Mail them that you have an infographic which could be worthy of a mention in their post and you could send them the link if they wish.
Here is an example of what you can write in the email:- ” Hey, I went through your article on (XYZ), and I found it helpful. Great job.
By the way, I have an infographic which relates to your post; it could be worthy of a mention. I will send you the link if you wish.
Anyways keep up the good work. “

I have tried this technique, and my Infographics were accepted most of the times. This has been one of the primary sources of backlinks for me. One of our websites has four different articles which reached to the top of Google following this technique.

3) How can infographics provide referral traffic to your site?
Following the technique to get backlinks by emailing the bloggers, you can get your infographics shared in blogs which are already reputed or the blogs which generate lots of traffic. If your infographics are helpful and compelling, people are surely going to open it.

According to a study, among all the multimedia including videos, images, infographics, and audios, the most shared media is an infographic. This means that when people find your content helpful and shareable, they may share it, leading to further increase in referral traffic.

4) How to create infographics?
Making an Infographic may seem easy, but you must be very careful and keep in mind a lot of things while creating one. Apparently, the infographic must look attractive, but just the look is not going to work. What matters in an infographic is the information it provides how much digestible it is. Stuff that is hard to understand will directly be ignored by the audiences, as people usually prefer simple things. Adjusting all the information in a compact image is also a challenge. You must also not miss any information as it might make the infographic valueless.

Let us summarize,
To create shareable infographics, you must :-
1) Make them attractive to seek visitors attention.
2) add valuable information.
3) keep them simple and digestible
4) adjust the information carefully
5) not miss any information.

Follow the article. If I and many others like me have generated fruitful results by creating infographics, then obviously you will.

Any queries regarding Infographics will be welcomed in the comments section.
Thank you!




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