How to Do Keyword Research for SEO? A Complete Guide for Beginner’s


Keyword Research: A Complete Guide for Beginners
Keyword Research: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Keyword research is a very basic thing you should learn before starting a post to your website.
Ahead of that let us know what a keyword actually is?

The keyword is basically a topic of significance ( which is in the form of the word or a phrase ) which is used by the searchers to seek information on a particular matter.

When you use a keyword in a post of your website/blog it must be related to what the post actually contains. For an example you are going to post an article related to your business, let it be online toy shop, then the keyword you use should be of the following kind: Best toys online, Affordable toys to gift your child, Child’s favorite toy etc. This kind of keyword will match your niche.

The importance of keywords:
The keyword you use will help searchers reach your site. People are not going to type your URL and get into your website directly, yeah it may happen if you advertise your site in TV ads or roam around shouting ” Visit my website for the best site”. What people do is, they type a keyword of their interest in search engines and they click in one of the results displayed by the search engines. Now assume the things in your case, if you have put the keyword which relates to your post then you have chances to be found on the search engines by the people who have an interest in your content.

If you fail to give a proper keyword or do not put a keyword in your post then the big page post of yours will go in vain. Keywords help search engines understand the main aim of your post.

Classification of keywords:
Don’t worry there is nothing like rocket science difficulty in the classification of keywords, it is the simple classification on the basis of the keywords length.

There are two types of keywords BROAD KEYWORDS and LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS.
The one-word keywords are called broad keywords and the keywords of more than one word are called Long-tail Keyword.
The broad keyword has high search volumes. People tend to search stuff by typing just a single word for convenience, but there are lots of competition in this type of keyword.
On the other hand, Long-tail keywords have low search volume and have lower competition.
It is easier to rank using long tail keywords in comparison to broad keywords.
Now you need to know what keyword you should use to match your content as well as to rank in the google.

Whatever you post on your website will not be searched by people no matter how good your post is.
People come to search engines to find what they want not what you have posted.
Yes, this is the main mistake people make while posting on their sites, they prepare awesome content hoping to gain huge traffic and fail because people will not search for what you have written.
So, you have to write those things which people search for. This is the key to keyword research.

Keyword research is actually done to know the demands of people. While doing keyword research you need to find out the words people are searching for. We can also find the search volume and competition of these keywords through keyword research.
The first page of google shows only about 8 to 10 results and only the top 3 posts get a major attraction. Which means that if you post articles on whatever topic you like without doing any research then you will obviously fail to appear on the front page of google.
Keyword research will help you find such keywords which will help you appear ahead of the thousands of the website of your niche if done properly.

Now read below to get the actual knowledge of the art of keyword research:-
First of all, you need to understand your own niche. Most of the beginners tend to go to the keyword research tool directly and end up making a mistake. Before going to a keyword research tool you need to understand your niche market first and know what audience will actually seek from you. Otherwise, the keyword planner will tell you the keyword which the audience will not want from you. For this, you need to think as an audience. Suppose that you have a website which delivers medicines, then assume what audiences might seek from your websites according to their common needs, some examples are Pain killers, Cough syrup, Medicines for a sore throat, balms, sprays for aches in the body etc.

Generally, the audience will seek this kind of medicines for their common needs.
If you try to sell: bandages for fractures, A pill to treat diabetes etc then you may fail, because most of the people will directly visit a hospital for this kind of problems. So understanding the needs of audiences is important before doing keyword research.

If you actually have a website which will sell products then you can perform an experiment. There are websites like Flipkart, Amazon, snap deal etc. which sells products, go through the websites and search for commodities of your niche. Find out the products which are most popular or which are being sold the most, this can help you understand the needs of the audiences to a great extent.

There are question answer sites like Quora, Yahoo answers etc. These sites can help you further in knowing the peoples need. Specifically, let us now learn how Quora can help you:

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.
Go to the site and search for the question you want to get the answer for.
For example, if you have a website which sells medicines you can search for ” which is the most sold medicine in the USA(or any specific country) or you can search for ” What is the most common illness in people?”. There may already be many answers for such questions, if there aren’t any then leave a question there and the people interested in answering your question will post their answers.

After following the above ideas you will have got enough resources about people’s demand from your niche.

Now it’s time to learn the actual keyword research:
There are many tools made for keyword research, which provides you with the keywords that you can use in your post, search volume of specific keywords, average monthly searches, a competition of the keyword etc. Among all the keyword research tools Google Planner is the most suggested one.

                        Let us look how to do keyword research through a keyword planner:
google-Keyword-planner social skills hub

I am going to give you the illustrations of Google keyword Planner in specific, but this illustration will help you for any keyword research tool you use.

Start with opening the Google Keyword Planner. You need to login to the Google AdWords with your Google ID, if you do not have one create it. Once you get in to set up your Google Adwords account.
In the Google Adwords, you will find a “tools” option on the menu bar.
Click on the tools, you will find a list of options. Among those options, you will find an option of Keyword planner, click on it.
After this, you will get access to the tools which you can use for keyword research.
The keyword planner has few tools which are very important.

In the first tool, you will find ” search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”. When you go through this tool a form will appear before you. In the form, you need to fill:
Your product or service and Targeting.

In the space for “Your Product or service,” you can write your Niche market or you can use any keyword which you want to research.
For example, the word you can type for a Search Engine website would be “Best SEO tool” or “SEO keyword guide”.

In the Targeting option, you can target a specific country, language and search engine.
In the second tool, you will find “Get search volume data and trends”. This tool can be used to search lots of keywords at once. With the help of this tool, you can compare many keywords and find a suitable keyword for yourself.

                          How to use Keyword Planner? Click here to watch Video

In the third tool, you will find ” Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords”. In this tool, you can put some words through which the tool will feed you with many ideas.
You will get two result pages namely ” Ad group ideas and Keyword Ideas”. These results will display keywords with additional information like ” Average monthly searches, Competition and Suggested bid”.

Through Average monthly searches, you can know how many searches a particular keyword is getting in a month.

The competition bar shows you how many people are interested in putting advertisements related to the keyword. This is not telling you the competition of the keyword, this is actually telling you how much people are interested in putting ads related to that keyword. This means that if the competition is high then it is better to use that keyword.

Suggested bid informs us about the amount an advertiser is ready to pay for an Ad. This lets us know the value of keywords.

You have learned about the keyword research tool. You can give a try to it now.
You have read our article on ” Keyword Research”, leave a feedback or questions in the comments section.

Thank you!


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